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Source Code, Software and Protecting IP

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in software is one of the most valuable aspects of its ownership. The four types of rights are copyright, trade secrets, trademarks and patents.  Each type of IP right will be expanded upon in future posts, but for now we want to discuss copyright as it is the most significant IPR that exists in this context.

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"Blurred Lines" Infringes Marvin Gaye's Copyright - Court Rules

When Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams released their controversial ‘Blurred Lines’ in 2013, they were accused of ripping off Marvin Gaye’s hit ‘Got to Give it Up’. However it was Williams and Thicke who brought the claim against Gaye’s estate, in an attempt to attain judicial confirmation that the song was not copyright infringement. They argued that the song simply had the same ‘vibe’ but was not a rip-off.

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