Rihanna Sues Dad for using Last Name

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This Tuesday, Rihanna filed a lawsuit against her father, for using his own last name.

Fine, he used his own last name; but the fact of the matter is that Rihanna has added far more value to the name ‘Fenty’ than he has. Rihanna’s claim is based on the premise that her dad has been using ‘Fenty’ to mislead the public into thinking his business is associated with her own brand ‘Fenty Beauty’. Furthermore she claims he has used the name to make it look like he is doing business on her behalf. She has sent him several letters and formal cease and desists to stop using the name in this regard.

Rihanna’s dad has even tried to trademark the name even though Rihanna has already done so through her company. He has tried to negotiate a tour deal for a value of over $15m, yet this has no connection to her business.

You might own a brand, a name, a reputation. We’re sure it’s not as valuable as Rihanna’s and if it is then we are doing something right by having you read this blog. Either way, protect your brand. We can help from all angles.

Source: Variety